The List

As I mentioned in my first post, this blog is my attempt at finding God within a series of different activities. I know he’s out there somewhere, and I’m going to do my best to find him. Below I’ve got a list of the various things I will be looking into as a means of discovering where it is he may be hiding. Officially, I plan on spending ten days working on each item below. I hope to post my experiences every three days or so. Between each item I’ve allotted a time of four days of rest. Two of those days will be used to summarize my previous experience, and the next two will be used to research and begin the next.

This list has been copied to my official List Page. As I complete these, I will notate the list there and link back to the blog so you can see my progress. If you have any suggestions or thoughts on how you’ve met with God, please, let me know.

  • Prayer -Ancient Prayers along with my own words to God.
  • Silence -No TV’s or MP3 players. Just the sound of my own breathing.
  • Fasting -Not specific to food. Anything I spend a significant amount of time doing qualifies.
  • Exercise -Beating my body into submission.
  • Hiking -God’s fingerprints are all over nature. By surrounding myself with it, maybe I’ll surround myself by him.
  • Art -Creation of art could mirror the creation of the universe. Maybe there are connections to be made.
  • Sculpting -Similar to above, perhaps there is something to be said for shaping an obstinate medium.
  • Gardening -Dirty hands and living off the land.
  • Serving -Helping someone who has no means of ever paying it back.
  • Reading -Sacred Texts and Classic Theologians.
  • Isolation/Retreat -Finding God in solitude
  • Yoga -Perhaps God can be found in a practice designed to help us connect with our bodies
  • Cooking -By tending to one of our most basic needs, maybe we can tend to another.
  • Singing/Chanting -It worked for those wacky monks…
  • Music -Maybe God is present in sound
  • Tending to Animals -There could be lessons learned by taking care of God’s creatures
  • Lectio Divina -The reading of sacred text in a very specific way
  • Visiting a Monastary -Yes, they do exist in North America.
  • Sacred Writing -Illumination and the creation of a page of text through a difficult process.

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