Preview: Slam Poetry

That’s right, my friends. The next foray is into the realm of spoken word poetry. Like a submarine surfacing and diving, the existence of Slam Poetry has repeatedly fallen on, then fallen off my radar. I first became intrigued with it about ten years ago after hearing Saul Williams perform. It was such a strong visceral means of expression, that it immediately left an impression on me. From time to time Id poke my head back into the Slam world to see what was happening, but it wasn’t ever anything I’ve seriously thought about doing.
Until now. In the context of this website, I feel that perhaps slamming might be a manner in which I’m able to bump into and experience God. By pushing myself into writing in a way that I’ve never tried before, and perhaps eventually performing it in front of others, I am forcing myself into experiences I have not yet had. Hopefully, I’ll catch sight of an elusive Deity, hiding in the bushes and the brush in a land called Things Untried.
If you’ve never heard of Slam Poetry or have never seen it performed, check the links below to see some of the range and versatility the genre offers.


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