Slam Poetry: Conclusion

Alright, well, here we are.  Ten days of filling a journal with words and poetry that I refuse to show to another mortal being. Things did not go well for me. I believe that slam poetry or really, any kind of poetry can be a very visceral, straight-shooting form of expression… But I think for me, it’s something I have to be in some kind of mindset to be able to make it work properly… Over the last ten days I’ve been approaching it like I do with most of my writing… Get in, do it, get out. You write when you don’t want to, because if you wait for inspiration, you’ll never do anything. While that may be sufficient for forming sentences such as these, poetry requires something greater of us. It’s an art form.

Have you ever tried to take on a creative project when you don’t feel particularly creative? It can be done, and sometimes even done well… But it’s a supremely frustrating experience. The reason for that is that there is no flow. You are creating these snippets, these vignettes, that don’t feel like a cohesive expression of yourself. It feels like the statement you’re trying to make has a very noticeable stutter. This is where I was at for the last ten days. I’m not writing off Poetry as being worthless or even something that I flat out can’t do… But I do believe that when I decide to do it again, it will be when I find myself in a particular mood with a particular tugging at my spirit to do so. Trying to write anything profound without having a profound thought to back it up just results in pages of cringe-worthy meanderings and pointless pontifications.

Clearly, in the context of this website and what I’m trying to do here, this was not a success. I’m okay with that, I guess. I’m excited to move on to another project for ten days and to see where that takes me.  As far as poetry goes, I believe I’ll be leaving it behind to retrieve at a later date perhaps… When I feel so inclined.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, there’s a journal I must light aflame lest its contents shame me out of existence.


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