Preview: Prayer

So, after the outrageous flop that was Slam Poetry, I’ve chosen to move to something a little less radical in nature… Prayer. I realize this is ridiculously dull for most of us in terms of “wacky things one does to find God”, but lately I’ve been feeling like it’s something I should spend a little time with…

The truth is, it’s been a while since I prayed in any kind of consistent way. Like my first post and my “About” page explain, prayer was one of the things I made a desperate attempt to cling to when the Great Silence began. At the time, very little seemed to come from it. As my anger and frustration mounted, I tossed the whole idea of “prayer” aside like a broken gadget that was too expensive or too complicated to fix.

Having come out of said bitterness, I’m finding that my attempts to find God feel a little stilted… Doing these off-the-beaten-path methods is great, but I feel like unless I give prayer another try, I’m being disingenuous… The idea behind this website is to find God. Period. Not to do so in specifically strange ways, not to hold myself up as the shining example of Christian non-conformity. Until I revisit the traditional means to God, I’ll never know if I’m doing this because I have no other options, or because I just want to avoid doing things the typical way.

I haven’t decided yet what the criteria to this particular attempt will be… If I will make it about the time spent trying, or the effort made, or how that will work… Then again, maybe this one doesn’t need a criteria. Every day for ten days I’m going to attempt to communicate with God through prayer. Whether all I can do is utter three words or end up dictating a novella, I suppose I’ll find out.


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