A Conversation Between Me and You

When you approach, I’m sitting with a notebook in hand, scribbling away furiously. It takes a moment for me to realize you’re standing next to me. I look up, blinking as I try to snap back into reality.


“Hey Paul, how’s it going?”

“Not too bad, what are you up to?”

“Nothing much. I hadn’t heard from you in a while. Whacha writing?”

I glance down at my notebook, and recognize that to the untrained eye it looks not entirely unlike the opening sequence in “Se7en”.

“Uhm… Well, it’s kind of hard to explain… And… It’s a little weird.”

“I’ve got some time.” You sit on the floor and peer up at me, and I find myself feeling a little like I imagine Fred Penner might have felt at the beginning of his shows, sans guitar.

“Well… Alright… Do you know anything about quantum physics? [Phrases like this mean you’re in for a really interesting conversation– or a nap. I guess we’ll see.]

You stare at me blankly.

“Yeah, I don’t know a whole lot about it either… but, basically quantum physics involves the study of matter at sub-atomic levels. Apparently, when things get either ridiculously large, or unbearably tiny, they stop behaving the way we’d expect. A lot of study has taken place over the years to try and figure out why things happen the way they happen. I heard a snippet of a theory the other day that sort of captured my imagination.”

“Go on…”

“Okay… Well, when scientists are looking at a nanomolecule, they’ll interact with it in some way… They’ll do something that will cause the molecule to have a specific reaction… What they’re finding, is that the molecule doesn’t always seem to react the way they expect it to. In fact, every now and then, for just a split second, the nanomolecule will wind up doing the exact opposite of what they expect. Thus far, they’ve had no luck figuring out what’s going on. But some scientists have postulated that perhaps, what’s happening is that we’re viewing a brief glimpse into an alternate reality.”


“Basically, the gist is that on a sub-atomic level, something can exist in multiple forms. The extension of this is that if we flip a coin, we’ve created a new universe. The head universe, and the tales universe. For every decision you’ve ever made, there’s a complete universe, in which you’ve made the opposite choice. We’ve probably died in other universes. In some of these we’re married, in others we’re single. In some we might be homeless, in others we might be rich. There are nearly infinite variations that versions of ourselves might be existing in. Are you following me so far?”

“I… Yeah, I think so.”

“Okay… So, I started thinking… If we exist in nearly an infinite amount of variations, the same would have to have been true for Jesus, right?”

“Uhm… Sure?”

“I tend to think so… but what if him being the son of God affected this somehow? Like, what if Jesus existed in a thousand different universes, but what if because God exists outside of our reality, he made Jesus sort of like an “anchor”? What if Jesus existed in each and every one of his disciples multi-verses, but made the same decisions in each?”

“Huh… Like, Jesus was consistent from one universe to another?”

“Yeah! What if Jesus had such insight into the people around them because he had witnessed them in a thousand different contexts? Maybe that’s how he wound up being able to consistently say so many poignant things?”

“So… do you think that the… ‘multi-Jesuses’ could communicate with each other?”

“I don’t know… I wouldn’t necessarily think they could directly… But maybe it was like learning… Like, the Jesus in the Peter-as-a-tax-collector universe witnesses something intrinsic about who Peter is, and all of the other mult-jesuses learned that same piece of truth at the same time.”

“And Jesus is the only one who can do this…–

“Because he was born of God, who exists as a being completely outside the influence of quantum physics.”


“I know, right?”

“So… Does this change anything? Like… I don’t know… About anything?”

“Not as far as I can tell. I’ve been scribbling different “what if” scenarios down, and I can’t really convince myself that any of it actually matters in terms of having an effect on us. No matter what, we’re stuck inside our own mult-verse, so we can only guess.”

“So, essentially, we just spent fifteen minutes talking about nothing?”

“Yeah, more or less. If it helps, the name of the guy attributed to discovering quantum physics name was Michael Faraday.”

“Why would that help?”

“Because the name of the quantum physicist on Lost was Daniel Faraday. Now you’ve got a shiny new piece of trivia and don’t have to leave this conversation totally empty-handed.”


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