I’m going through changes…

Well, not me, as much as the blog. Last year when I created this blog, it was because I felt like I had been completely abandoned by God. This space was a place where I could reflect and journal my progress as I did my best to hunt God down in whatever way I could think of. Now, nearly a year later to the day, I’ve come to a conclusion: I am limited by own perspective and preconceptions of who God is and how he works.I want HFG to become a place where anyone who has experienced God can talk about it and initiate discussion. To that end, I’m in early stages of figuring out how to turn this blog into an online magazine.

I know I’m not the only one looking for God in movies, music, books, discussions, and the world around me. This is where you come in. I want to post articles written by people (read: you) coming from completely different backgrounds with completely different perspectives on who God is and how he works. Ruminations over your latest epiphany, provocative ideas, the retelling of your spiritual story regardless of where it ends, would all be home here. In time, I want the website to host weekly podcasts and a forum for further discussion. I’d like to see music, movie, and book reviews in which not just the content is judged, but whether or not it somehow deepens your understanding of life, the universe, and everything.

As I’ve mentioned in the last post, things are a little tight so I’m not sure when I’ll be able to purchase an actual domain. In the mean time, as you can see, I’ve been toying with some of the available themes and layouts available for free here at wordpress.com. If necessary I’m sure I can probably piece together my vision for this place using a network of free websites, so we may start there and see how that goes.

So, all of that said, you can have a part in this.
If you’d like to receive updates on the progress of HFG, send an email to huntingforgod@gmail.com with “I’m In” as the subject line. If you think you might be willing to write posts for HFG on a regular basis (weekly, monthly) or if you would be willing to rummage through your old blogs and send an occasional “one-off”, mention that as well. If reading this you found yourself thinking of someone in particular who might have something to say, by all means, please forward, tweet, and send this link around.

I really think this has the potential to become something good. The more people who are interested in writing, the more people will see your posts. This could be a really cool way to initiate some interesting discussion. I hope to hear from you.


2 responses to “I’m going through changes…

  1. I’m in. I definitely want to subscribe…but I think I’ll be an occasional contributor as well. The wheels are turning…speaking from a design point, I like this scheme less than the last one. Glaring. Hard on the eyes. Just one person’s opinion!

    • Yeah, I agree this layout is a little stark. It’s one of the only free layouts I found that gives you the ability to post multiple stories as thumbnails. I’m still tinkering.

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