Discussing the World at Large

I feel like maybe there’s an epiphany nearby. Like, maybe through all my drifting, my soul brushed a little too close to a big idea and now I’m orbiting around it like a satellite. Eventually its gravity will bring me careening to its surface where I’ll get out and explore the local geography. I look forward to that moment. Unfortunately, at this point it’s like my little space pod is turned the opposite way from planet Epiphany. All I can see before me is the inky expanse of space and vaguely feel the planet pulling on my back.

As such, I have no idea what’s down there. No clue at all what this big idea is even about. In recent days I think I’ve managed to pilot my spaceship through a wormhole in the “current affairs” solar system that leads directly to the galaxy of “Highfalutin Thoughts of God”. As the wormhole is traversed, I can almost see the connections between the two… How the current state of the world has something to do with our souls, and how our souls are shaping the worlds around us. They’re faint connections; so flimsy that as soon as I try to examine them they’re gone. But I’m pretty sure they’re there, and planet Epiphany is the key to figuring something out.

So, stepping outside the realm of metaphor for a few moments, I listened to a podcast today that I found really interesting. In it, Joe Rogan interviews the author Graham Hancock, an expert in the field of “alternative history”. Essentially, Hancock’s area of expertise is looking at the world through a perspective shunned by the academics to try and put together what’s truly there, rather than what we’ve always believed. He’s written several books, and honestly, I think I would get a lot out of all of them. In this podcast, they discuss the location of the Ark of the Covenant, how long human beings have actually existed on the planet, and how psychedelic drugs may or may not actually be a connection to the spiritual realm. I highly recommend you give it a listen when you have some time on your hands.(Fair warning, there is adult language throughout the podcast and they are sponsored by an adult company. There is one very dry spoken ad at the beginning, but that’s it.)

What really strikes me about this conversation (and several others I’ve heard on Rogan’s podcast) is that it seems like God is hovering just outside the spectrum of their conversation. Rogan is a stone cold atheist and has absolutely no interest in God, but he frequently talks about trying to learn to exist in a state in which he’s connected to the spiritual realm. Christians try to do the same thing, we just call it having a relationship with Jesus. Listening to Joe Rogan helps me think about things in a different way than I’m used to, and I appreciate that… So much so, in fact, I’d really like to do the same.

It’s been my goal since I launched HFG that eventually you could show up and download a podcast that talks about various aspects of Christianity in the same way Rogan talks about spirituality. I want to have deeply intense and interesting conversations about who God is and how he works. Long term, I’d really want to host an entire network of podcasts in which several people are recording their own conversations and discussing how they try to find God in every day life.

More immediately, I want to create a podcast that explores “theoretical theology”. The idea would be me and someone else (or elses) have a conversation in which we discuss theological “what ifs”. “What if there are aliens? Would Christ dying on Earth affect them? What if they succeeded where Adam and Eve failed?” “What if we’re wrong about Satan’s role?” “What if Heaven has been misrepresented?” So on and so forth. If nothing else, this is the kind of podcast that I would love to listen to… Hopefully there are others out there as well that might get something from it.

To that end, if you happen to be in the Knoxville area and you think you might be interested in actually participating in these discussions, let me know. If you’re not not in the Knoxville area, I’m always desperate for ideas. I’d love to hear your own “what if’s” or premises for a conversation you would like to listen in on.

I’ve got to tell you, when I sat down to start writing, this isn’t really where I thought I’d end up. I hadn’t planned on mentioning the podcast idea just yet, but the timing seems like it might be right. I’m for realsies, if you’ve got any ideas or suggestions or thoughts at all, feel free to say so in the comments or email me at huntingforgod@gmail.com. It’s always at this point of the blog that I wish I had a pithy catchphrase to end on. If you’ve got any ideas for one of those, feel free to mention that too.


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