Hurricanes and Sunsets

Today is my wife’s 26th birthday. It seems appropriate that today’s post be about her. My wife and I met six years ago. We dated for three years and got married in 2008. Regarding marriage, I find the previous two sentences to be the easiest to explain. Beyond the hard and fast facts lies a realm strewn with bumps, curves, colors, and everything that makes life worth living. It’s a lot harder to explain that side of things but I’m going to try.

Six years ago, I met  a gir–… You know what, scratch that. Seven years ago I met a girl in the registration line at school. She was blonde and cute and very bubbly. We talked about our majors and what the year had in store for us. I walked away from that meeting with the knowledge that we were two very different people, but I couldn’t convince my brain to stop whispering “What if…”

The following semester, the “What if” question found resolution. The two of us had grown in the intervening months, and the moment we brushed near one another we were locked in each others’ orbit. Somewhere in the midst of our first real discussion it dawned on me that this was a girl who got me. She laughed at my jokes, she nodded eagerly at my stories. And I found myself doing the same for her.

I had found a part of myself that I never knew was missing. We fit. She was practical and strategic, I was prone to flights of fancy. She focused on making sure the future would reach its full potential of awesome, and I did my best to make sure the present was awesome. She could go with me to the deep places that no one else ever seemed able to. She was comfortable existing without resolution, and enjoyed posing theoreticals right back at me. Together, we began to grow. Like bamboo that wraps itself around one another, we reached toward the sun as we began to rely more and more on each other for support.

Being married has granted me a glimpse of God that I never would have seen otherwise. Through Leah I’ve experienced just a taste of the boundless love that God must posses for us. Growing up, it always made me uncomfortable when the Bible talked about the Church being a bride. I think I get it now. If God can love us with the same power and ferocity that I love my wife, the ridiculous beauty of a sunset starts to make sense. If God feels a fraction of the ache when my relationship with Leah is off, hurricanes start to make sense.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that knowing Leah helps me know God, and I think that might be the highest praise that can be said of anyone. She fills my days with joy. There are no bad days anymore. They’re all good. Even the ones that suck.

Leah, you’re the very best part of my life. Just by virtue of being you, you make me want to be a better man. Words can’t express how thrilled I am on a daily basis to have you in my life.

Together we run into what we do not know, Trusting our God who made tomorrow.


2 responses to “Hurricanes and Sunsets

  1. I remember reading the story you wrote for Leah years ago, and it is still one of the sweetest and most powerful descriptions of human love empowered by God I have ever heard. God has blessed you immensely with that wife of yours!

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