Wide Open Spaces

I have to tell you, I’m feeling a little tapped out at the moment. Life has gotten busy, and I think it’s pretty safe to say I’m not a fan. Some people thrive when they have a million spinning plates… I think I prefer to have one… Preferably sitting calmly on top of a table and beneath something tasty. After working eight hours of customer service each day, my brain is fried. I’ve come to revel in the evenings my wife and I do nothing together. Life feels off-balance when I don’t have those… constantly.

When I do find a spare moment or two, I’ve been trying to get a sense of my spiritual landscape. Ever since I wrote “The Speaking”, I feel like a corner has been turned…like my spirit is breathing fresh air for the first time after years of being inside a dank basement. So far that sense hasn’t manifested itself into anything  tangible, but that seems somewhat appropriate. I think I’ve said before that looking for the quick-fix is what broke me in the first place… I’m not really expecting any kind of instant results. I’m okay with that… To carry the basement metaphor, it’s like walking into a pleasant day. Once my eyes adjust, I see nothing remarkable, but feel potential and possibilities. The airy freedom is enough.

The stillness does me good.  My spiritual life has consisted of need and frustration for so long that the silence feels like a reprieve from my own echo. I’m too tired to force anything right now, so I’m trying to learn to just let good thoughts grow organically. I’m hoping that if I’m aware of the state of my mind and spirit that perhaps I can keep it pruned and manicured like a bonsai tree… Eventually it’ll start growing in the proper direction.

I think the proof that I may be on to something is the fact that I’m finding myself having creative ideas more frequently. Lately, the urge to write has slowly been creeping down my shoulder towards my fingertips. I’ve had some really neat idea that could turn into something cool if I can pull it off properly. To try and keep myself motivated, I started an account at http://www.writing.com. The website is ridiculously ugly, but it’s a community of people that read and review your writings. I’d say it’s soundly worth checking out if that’s yo’ thang.

Anyway… Despite the urge to write, I’m finding it tricky trying to balance all that I have to do plus two blog posts a week. If any of you out there are prone to God-centric thoughts, I’d love to post your musings here at HFG. You’ll get full credit and a link to your own website so our readers can check out more of your work. If you’re interested shoot me an email at huntingforgod@gmail.com. I believe I am officially out of words. Until next time, friends.


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