The Game of Life (No, not THAT one)

I think I’ve been forthright with the fact that I’m a nerd. If there were such a thing as the Nerd Scouts, I would be an Eagle Nerd. One of the first merit chips that I would have soldered to my vest would be my RPG (Role-Playing Game) proficiency. My entire life I’ve been playing games in which you choose your character concept, your specializations, and how you want to play the game. I think I enjoy these games because I find they affirm my understanding of life itself.

In an RPG you’re allowed to choose what you look like, and choose a general direction of development you would like to pursue. You are then placed into a world that is ripe with opportunity to help or hurt those around you and face the ensuing repercussions.

Maybe it’s just me… but that’s life, isn’t it?

Alright, listen. Take a minute or two and think about the things you love the most in your life. The topics you could learn about endlessly. The skills you wish you had. Imagine the person you wish you could be.  What would it take for your to become that person?

I understand that there are some things that you can’t escape from. The repercussions I mentioned above have a knack for following us and it’s rare that we are able to escape them completely. I think maybe the trick to it all is learning how to become the person you want to be while still managing these consequences. It’s not always easy, certainly it’s not always fun, but I think I believe that the only thing that stops us from really becoming the person we want to be is ourselves.

It bums me out when I meet people who feel trapped by their circumstances. Life is what you make of it. If you’re not happy, figure out why and fix it. If your job makes you miserable, either find a new one or figure out a way to make it more bearable. If you’re not happy with the way your life has turned out, do something different. Your life won’t change by doing the exact same thing you did yesterday.

I think the problem is that often times people are too passive with their life. They fail to notice that the days of their lives are slipping away. It’s easy to do. You just get caught up in the day-to-day details without looking to see where these days are leading. I guess more than anything else, this post is an exhortation to be deliberate with your life. If you’re not thrilled about the life you’re leading, do something about it.


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