When Life Hands You a Shit Sandwich, Make… For the Exit.

Sometimes, people do bad things.

Sometimes, the people you love hand you a shit-sandwich.

How you choose to react to said sandwich is what defines your character.

How your loved ones come together to help is what defines a family.

As I write this, the lives of my wife and I have been completely up-ended. Those of you who know us well, know my wife and I revel in our child-free (as opposed to childless) existence. Despite that, we suddenly find ourselves the parental units of a squeaky voiced hormone soaked adolescent boy. This is not a metaphor. I am actually, physically in charge of another life that belongs to a human as opposed to a cat. I know this, because I’ve been cooking meals, waking up way too early in the morning to ensure he gets to school, and espousing the virtues of brushing one’s teeth.

I’m not sure it’s appropriate for me to Tarantino this situation back and explain exactly how we found ourselves here… Suffice it to say it wasn’t our decision, and it was brought about by an amount of familial turmoil.

So… Here we are. My wife and I are doing our best to deal with this Shalom shattering situation, and we’re terrified. The past two nights we’ve gone to bed we’ve stared at the ceiling trying not to be suffocated by the bevy of questions that are constantly swirling around our heads.

Sometimes the people you love hand you a shit sandwich… But God takes it from us. If God has one super power, it’s his amazing ability to turn death into life, darkness into light, and shit sandwiches into meatball subs.

I think one of the gifts God gave me was a ridiculous abundance of psychological hardiness. When the blind belief that I can do anything and everything will be fine mixes with my Faith, it forms an epoxy that I desperately hope will hold this family together. The events of the past couple of days are not ones I would have ever chosen, let alone ask for. But… Maybe there’s still some good here. God’s vision of our lives is so much further and deeper than our own… I guess my biggest hope for this period in which I find myself a de facto dad is that some real and authentic good will be done in the life of our young ward. Well… That, and that this period ends quickly and gracefully. Cats are one thing, but kids? C’mon, they’re like animals.


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