Catching A Glimpse

So, to pick up where I left off, the meeting with the VP went… alright. Essentially, he told me what I suspected; he is not the decision maker. He said he hadn’t heard any particular word about whether or not the company was thinking about hiring a video guy internally, but he can’t imagine anyone better positioned for it than myself. He recognized the fact that Elavon can’t continue to ask me to spend time on work projects and not be paid for it, so he was going to reach out to the woman in charge of marketing.

What we’re hoping is that she’s got a million ideas for videos that need to be made immediately. Because I can’t continue to make videos for Elavon for free, that means that something would have to be figured out. Regarding that time frame, all I was told was that he would give her a call within the next couple of days. Please pray with me that he does indeed call the marketing lady, and that she has already concocted a grand scheme that results in me doing video full time.

In specific God news, I think the post I wrote on Monday went a long way towards helping me work through things… When I started that post I wasn’t sure if my nerves could be attributed to being human, or having a lack of faith in God. By the end of it, I consciously came to the realization that I have faith that no matter what, God wants the best for me… And I think that’s all I need to know. It was hard at first, because I’m so invested in the plan I’ve been pursuing, but throughout the intervening days I’ve begun to truly let go of my own schemes and plots. By the time I went to meet with the VP I felt truly at ease and relaxed. I  know God has this. Whether or not I get the job, it’s fine. God will get me where he wants me to be. Of that, I am completely convinced.

As a bonus, God things in general continue to improve. More and more I feel like I’m getting closer to catching glimpses of him the way I used to… Just an inch or two past my periphery. I guess the job stuff has got me praying a lot more often than I had been left to my own devices. Earlier this week I unearthed my copy of the Message and have been flipping through it; then my mom sent me a text that said “Mt 7:7-11, MSG“. When I found the page, I discovered I had already underlined that passage some years ago.  I guess sometimes we need to be told more than once.

Anyway… I think that’s about all I have for tonight. Currently the job stuff is out of my hands. I’m praying that God gets the ball rolling and that management decides this is an issue that needs solved sooner than later. In the mean time, I’m doing my best to catch God another glimpse of God hanging out at the fringes.


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