Every Day Easter Part 2

The service continued, and our pastor spoke to us about how we can take it for granted that Jesus came back from the dead. When the women went to the tomb, they fully expected his body to still be there. When John and Peter went running to the tomb they fully expected the women to be wrong. The very last thing in the world they could imagine was that the body would be gone, and what’s more, that it would be alive. We were left with that thought as the musicians took to the stage once more. I found my mind was still struggling to figure out the complete context of Jesus.

“So God created people, and he wanted to know them, and wanted to be known by them. But he recognized that we had a hard time with it. Invisible benevolent forces are hard to connect with. You have to give him an A for effort though… The entire old testament is a big long story of God trying to get to know us but he was constantly misunderstood and forgotten. So, he decided that he needed to do something. Something drastic. Something completely unheard of. He would send a part of himself down to become one of his very own creations. Up until this point God had been like a watch maker… Intimately familiar with the designs of his creations, but no matter how much he could know exactly how the watches were put together, he couldn’t know what it was like to be a watch. And so the God that created gravity and sunsets and cacti and warthogs came down to Earth.

And so Jesus was born. Very unceremoniously, Jesus was sent to us like he were just another crying, screaming, diaper-filling baby. Just like that, God was among us. For the first time ever, he had a skeleton. He had muscles and a nervous system and could feel the blood pulsing through his body. The Bible doesn’t tell us much about the early life of Jesus. Did being human take getting used to? Was he always different, or did God allow Jesus to be totally normal and then one day “unlocked” the God part of him? For the most part, I think Jesus just lived his life, one day at a time like the rest of us. He made friends. He played games. He noticed pretty girls. He laughed and got hurt. Jesus wasone of us. And yet…

He was still God. So when he spoke about life, or our souls, or God, he had a perspective that no one here could understand. I can’t imagine how frustrating that must have been… After thousands of years of speaking to people as a whisper on the wind, God becomes human so he can be heard more clearly… And he’s still misunderstood. But God loved us so much, he didn’t care.  To hear Jesus speak was to hear the voice of God. And it changed people. And still does. Even the written record of his words has the power to open eyes and change hearts. This man that was more than a man, walked among us. Loved us. Knew us.

But the more he spoke, the more we misunderstood. After only three years of Jesus pounding the pavement, we had had enough. We couldn’t handle his words any longer. Too many paradoxes. Too many challenges. Maybe his goodness just made us too uncomfortable. When humans are confronted with something they can’t understand; something they can’t wrap their minds around, it’s not uncommon for them to grow hostile towards it. And that’s what we did. We rose up, and we slew him. The people God loved so much. The people God loved so much that he sent a piece of himself down here to get to know us one on one. We couldn’t take it. So we destroyed him as brutally as we knew how.

But little did we know that God had an Ace up his sleeve. Little did we know, that Sunday was coming… and when it arrived, nothing could ever be the same again.


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