What a Life!

Some of you are aware of my ongoing efforts to move on up from the Ghetto of Customer Service to the Penthouse Suite of Fulfilling Work. For a while, things were looking really good. It seemed I was on the fast track to something awesome. But then, as is often the way, the momentum I had managed to create came to a complete stop. There’s no forcing a corporation to do anything, especially on a time frame that suits you. After a month or two of silence, a job posting for the training department was made public at work. Seeing as the things I want to do are largely training based, I went ahead and applied for it. After two weeks in the running, I was given the axe. If I had written this blog on Monday evening, it would probably be a very different message you’re about to read. What’s changed between now and then? On Tuesday, God winked at me.

I think.

Prior to getting my “Dear John” from the training department, I had decided that if I got shot down I was more or less done with the place I work. The video position felt a million miles away, and if the training team was so sure they didn’t want me (This was my third time applying in as many years) there was really nowhere else for me to go. Monday was a mopey kind of day. I had zero prospects. Instead of having a goal that I could actively work towards, I was stuck in a “holding pattern” until God decided to put something in my path for to trip over. The very next day, I was stumbled by a completely out of the blue email.

It’s a long and mostly boring story, but the reader’s digest version is that months ago I submitted an idea to the company’s online suggestion box during a contest. I had completely forgot about it, but apparently my idea was declared the best. The part that really makes my eyebrows raise, is that the idea I suggested involves creating a series of videos for the company’s website. I immediately responded to my contact thanking them for selecting my idea, and then non-chalantly mentioning that I’ve done video work for the company before and we’ve already invested in some equipment.

I’ve always lived my life actively looking for God. Several times this has led to me believing that a particular opportunity might be God sanctioned when in reality, it was just a thing that happened to me. I say that, because several of those things have never panned out. And this could very easily be one of them. But… I don’t think I care. I feel more and more assured that God has something in mind for me. I don’t know what it is, but I know that if it’s sanctioned by Him, that’s good enough for me.

I guess I feel like I attribute all the little things that make up who I am to God anyway… My passions, my interests, my desires… I’m not saying that he necessarily forced them all inside me, but I think that God loves us enough that he’s genuinely interested in us and the things we care about. God is rooting on me getting a video job. And like a friend who knows a guy and can pull a few strings, so is God with the universe. I’m not saying that finding fulfillment and happiness doesn’t require persistence and work… I think God occasionally provides us with the raw ingredients, but we have to be smart and/or skilled enough to know how to cook them into a meal we’ll find palatable.

I guess, if you take anything away from this blog post, let it be that God really loves you. A lot. And he wants you to be happy and fulfilled. (Though, not necessarily always.) If you’re having trouble naming the aspects of life that really make you excited, I encourage you to take some time and really think about the things that make you feel the most alive. What can you do to inject more of that into your life? This might be totally random, but I’ve been listening to this song a lot lately. It makes me want to drive fast and do something important.


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