Peeking Behind the Curtain

My goal for HFG has always been to provide its readers with hard wrought epiphanies that might aid them on their own travels. Failing that, my hope has been that it would at least pose questions that my readers had never encountered before. Last August, I made the commitment to update at least two times a week. To my knowledge, I believe I’ve managed to do that consistently, which, if you know me, is a huge achievement. (I’m not particularly prone to what you might call “disciplined behavior”.)

Some changes are coming to HFG. One of them is immediate, and the others are based in an unstable and shadowy realm we call “the future”. When I started posting twice a week, I opted for a Tuesday/Thursday schedule… mostly because that was what other blogs did if they lacked the gusto to commit to a M/W/F schedule. Nine months later, and I think it’s fair to say I’ve learned a few things… Things like haphazardly trying to schedule perception-changing realizations about life, the universe, and everything is really hard. So, to that end, the schedule is no longer going to follow an arbitrary formula. (Even if it does make my work week calendar all symmetrical.)

I’m changing the posting schedule to Monday/Friday. For the past several months, my wife has watched me sit down to my computer on Monday and Wednesday evenings, put in my headphones, and go into a head cave as I try to crank out a blog post. Tonight, she called me on it. She reminded me that for a blog like HFG to really fulfill its potential, it should be encouraging me to spend time with God so I have something to report back. As it stands, much of the time I go to the blog first, then ask God what he might want to share. The results of this method are wide and varied. Some days, I feel like I nailed it, and other days I know the best I can hope for is an “A for effort”.

I currently work at an office that devours my will to live. By the time I get home, the last thing I want to do isthink. By changing the schedule, my hope is that I’ll be more apt to use the weekend to spend time with God. Hopefully, I’ll do the same with the additional weekday evenings I now have free. I figure I’ve got nothing to lose by moving things around a little, and everything to gain.

So what about those other changes I mentioned above? I think I’m going to keep those cards closer to my chest for the time being… But know that I have really big plans for HFG. I can’t wait to see how the blog continues to grow. And, just because I haven’t mentioned it recently, I’m always looking for contributions from readers. If you’ve got some thoughts you’d like to post, click on the “Submit Your Post” link at the top of the blog for details on how.

Until this Friday… Happy Hunting.


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