Did You Bring Your Permission Slip?

I can already tell this post is going to be difficult. I’ve been staring a blank text box for nearly an hour and a half now. Actually; that’s not quite accurate. I’ve been writing and then deleting, and then re-writing no more than two sentences at a time. This happens from time to time… Typically when I write a blog, there’s a loose thread dangling from a thought-sweater in my brain, and that thread gets pulled as I write. Some days you discover that the thread isn’t actually connected to anything at all. It’s feeling like one of those days.

Personally, I think it’s God’s fault. I think history would show that the greatest examples of our literature were written by angry, cynical, brooding writers. Similarly, I feel like the most epic blogs I write are the ones that arise out of some amount of desperation– either to be understood or to find answers. Unfortunately for you, dear reader, God has been amazing these past two weeks. Instead of darkedy-dark brooding, my headspace is all sunshine and lollipops. The end result of this nonsense has been a pair of ridiculously life affirming blog posts. (It’s worth noting that both of those posts came about hot on the heels of deciding to go all in.)

As a writer, it is my sovereign duty to stand at the blackboard and shape and mold your young minds into being productive citizens of awesome. Days like this force me to make a decision. I can either fake it, and drone on about material neither of us truly cares about… or… FIELD TRIP!

So where are we headed? To the ends of the internet. I’m still high as a kite on life, and maybe I can find some clips that might convince you that the world is generally an awesome place to be. I’ll be Amelie to your Raymond. In fact, let’s start there:

Amelie came out eleven years ago. If you haven’t watched it yet, stop reading, put it on your instant-queue, and go do something with your life. That movie was the reigning champion of feel-good movies in our home until “Away We Go” came out. Burt and Verona edge out Amelie and Nino only because I wouldn’t have to wildly gesticulate in order to get across my thoughts on the foibles of being married.

And, speaking of marriage, that brings us to our next clip. This one is far more recent; I had heard chatter about it on Twitter, but my parents were the ones to make me pull it up and watch it. I’m glad they did. I’m not sure what it is, but I’m freaking sucker for creative proposals. I love the idea of people doing something completely out of the ordinary and unique in order to showcase the fact that their relationship is… completely out of the ordinary and unique. The fact that they pulled in sixty of their friends and family members to take part in the event is amazing. Take a hint here, guys. Women don’t want you to just throw money at them.  In 2005 the average cost of an engagement was $2,000 not counting the ring. Of the women that were surveyed, over 80% said their proposal wasn’t as romantic as they hoped.  Fancy restaurants, carriage rides, and luxury trips, are a distant second to being given an incredible story they’ll get to tell for the rest of their lives.

So, it’s a point my wife mentions frequently, but when we were dating, I might have overstated my interest in cooking… namely pretending I had one. In my defense, I had just seen the video below, and it was the first time cooking had ever looked cool. Unfortunately, cooking is too broad a topic for me to wrap my nerd-brain around, and so it’s just not something I feel a particular draw toward. However, if I were going to cook, I’d like to think it would look like this.

I’ll be honest, the next one kind of got me also. A flash mob in Denmark decided to get together to randomly celebrate the birthday of a bus driver. I want to live in a world where this kind of stuff happens.

Alright, last one.

This has been floating around for a while, but it’s still great. Take Ira’s advice. Go out and make something. Do something you love. Create something that brings joy and wonder to the world. Open people’s eyes to how good life can be. While you’re doing that, I’m going to try to figure out how to write something of substance without brooding being a prerequisite.


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