The Dedication (Part 1)

Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of this incarnation of HfG.  With fear and trembling, I announced one year ago that I was going to begin posting blogs two times a week. I was nervous about it, because I’ve been a writer my entire life… But until last year I had the nasty habit of only writing when I felt like it. This resulted in some good content…every few months. I knew that if I was serious about being a writer, and about really making this blog what it could be, I was going to have to force myself to write even when I had absolutely no new epiphanies to report.

I’m thrilled to be able to say that in the course of the past year, there was only one occasion in which content was not delivered without prior notice. As a writer that has always struggled with self-discipline and making myself do anything, this is a huge milestone for me. I feel like this year of consistency has given me a glimpse into who and what I can be if I really dig down and refuse to give myself an out.

Similarly, I feel like devoting a year to this blog has opened my eyes to the possibilities of what HfG could become. Last year when I announced the new HfG I had some big ideas about the content I hoped to provide. As time passed, however, I found my focus drawn more and more toward remaining consistent. For that reason, I’ve been content to simply write my posts and keep my head down.

I feel like it’s time to come back around to some of those big ideas and examine things again. I want HfG to be more than just blog posts. I want videos, I want music, I want podcasts and art. I want HfG to be about the effects of living your life with God infused throughout it. I’ve got some big ideas… Ideas so big that they make me a little nervous because I don’t know if I can make them happen. And, that’s also what makes this next part difficult and more than a little terrifying… I’m looking for help. Quite possibly, yours.

See, being consistent was only part of the reason I was so willing to take on writing a blog two times a week. Two blog posts a week eats up a considerable amount of brain-bandwidth, and so it’s been easy for me to ignore all the things I could/should be doing to make HfG what it’s supposed to be. If I start finding people that are willing to help, suddenly I have to face the fact that I’m not entirely sure how to pull off some of the schemes I have in mind. Worse yet, if others are involved in the blog, they will have a front row seat if something pans out poorly. A year in to writing about God two times a week, and a public declaration to avoid posturing myself as an expert, and I’m just now realizing that I’ve been scared to let myself dream big when it comes to the blog.

So… I quit.

Not the blog, mind you… Just the anxiety that comes with trying something new and being afraid to look silly in front of people. The past year, the blog was mine. I was in charge of it, I made the decisions, I chose the layout and the topics and I’ve seen how far I can take it on my own… And I’m done. From here on out, this blog is no longer my own. I’m giving sole ownership of this blog and all content therein to God. May he mold it, grow it, and use it however He sees fit. It’s no longer about me, or my ideas, or what I think I can do to increase readership, or how I can help people… May HfG be a tool that helps people find their way back to God.

A few paragraphs ago I mentioned asking you for your help. Before I do though, I feel like you should know exactly what it is that I think HfG could become and what it could look like. Stay tuned, dear readers…

Photo Credit: Mathiole

3 responses to “The Dedication (Part 1)

  1. I’ve been excited (and okay, I admit it,) terrified right along with you as HfG has gone from a splattering of internal monologue (occasionally dialog when God would “out” Himself) to a well written, well composed, ALWAYS thought provoking discourse on your Hunt for God. I am excited to see who and how this all comes together…So proud of you and IT!

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