Where’s The Beef?

Hey everyone! So, I just wrote a post but after reading it, I’ve realized that it makes a lot more sense for it to go up toward the end of the month. (You’ll see why later on.) As such, I think I might be running low on words today. So as to not leave you empty-handed, I thought I’d share some of my favorite blogs with you guys.

Before I do, however, I wanted to mention the Hunting for God Everyday thing. Some of you may have noticed that the #HfGE links have dried up over the past couple of weeks. Well, it turns out finding progressively theological material that falls within the purview of HFG is a little tricky. So, I’m asking for your favorites. In the comments leave me some links to your favorite blogs, websites, or useful tools that have given you something to think about regarding spirituality or improving your life. After I manage to deepen my HfGE fodder, I will start posting new tidbits again.  With no further adieu, you should totally check out these guys:

Tony Jones– Tony has published numerous books, including “The Sacred Way” which is one of my favorites. His blog consistently wrestles with interesting theological concepts. Of special note is his recent “Questions that Haunt Christianity” series. You should really check him out.

On Being– This is a radio show that airs on NPR on Sunday afternoons. (At least here in K-town anyway.) In it, Krista Tippet sits down with theologians and people with some big ideas from all walks of life, and gets into the nitty gritty about life, the universe and everything.

Matthew Paul Turner– MPT has written a whole slew of books. He’s funny and often critiques Christian popular culture and calls out their foibles.

Relevant Magazine- Relevant has been around for several years now and has earned a place in the heart of many a 20-something.

Storyline– Donald Miller’s Storyline blog has a new post everyday with the intent of inspiring their readers to do something bigger and better with their lives. While you’re at it, check out his Storyline Tool.


So what about you? Where do you get your “meat” from?


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