Who Am I?

My goal for HfG has always been for it to be more of a community than a blog. I’ve been writing here for two years now, in the hope of finding others that would be willing to share their struggles through the dark night, as well as their view from the mountain tops in their search for God. I’m thrilled to let all of you know that HfG has its first regular contributor. 

Jeremy Bacher, a dear friend from my younger years will be sharing his thoughts, ideas, and perspective with you on a monthly basis. I could tell you more about him, but I think he could do a better job himself…

Who am I?

I am a pile of contradictions. I am full of ever changing solid convictions but have a rational fear of absolutes.

I desire equality for all people but struggle to understand how this works and I am full of doubt that it is even possible. I am full of hope that it is possible. I experience white guilt.

My heart breaks for the poor, those who struggle from day to day, and especially kids who have been abandoned by a parent (emotionally or physically). I abandon those people every day.

I desire to know more, but don’t have the discipline to truly study and learn. I settle for surface level knowledge. I am a bad student. I’ve prayed for wisdom since I was a child expecting it to be “given” to me. I struggle to relate my experiences to my faith and vice versa.

I want to go off the grid. I know I’d never survive without community. I latch on to people and cannot imagine saying goodbye. I live right now.

I am a barista. I am paid to be selfless and desire to be so anyway. I am selfish. I want to be a husband to my wife like Jesus was the Christ to His church. I want to know what that means.

I want to believe that God has placed me where I am to help create who I am. I struggle to find the balance between faith and reason (who doesn’t, right?). I am an American. I both value and despise that at the same time. I understand that without this place, I would not be who I am. I would not have the ability or knowledge to dislike what I do about this “great nation.” I love and hate the United States.

As far as my faith is concerned, I am looking forward, but I desire what once was. I’ve never been great at sharing what I discover in my journey with others. I have always been terrible at applying God’s Word to real life. My faith is hinged on the fact that I believe we are meant for more. I know there should not be a difference between my spiritual life and life. I am working on merging those two ideas.

I hope by writing for this blog to share my journey, faith, convictions, actions, and progress. I want to share Jesus with those who have given up hope. I am a glass half full and I want to pour myself into anyone who needs it. I need help with that. I need accountability in a community and I hope to find it here.


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