Pluralism Would Make a Nice Pillow

blog-image-pillows2by Jeremy Bacher

My life is incredibly comfortable. Whether it be my flannel lined leather slippers, the fact that I have a motorcycle, tons of extra food, a job that pays me if I go on vacation, or any other number of daily luxuries I experience … it is comfortable. In fact, it is so comfortable that I am often tempted to conform my faith and belief system into one that would better suit my lifestyle of seemingly endless comfort.

The most uncomfortable aspect of my life is my faith. I try very hard to love everyone. Thus, proclaiming something so important as exclusive is incredibly difficult for me because I know it creates distance and division from those I care about so deeply and inwardly. The comfortable thing to do would be to succumb to idea of pluralism, which, really isn’t very logical. I would love to say that it is good enough to just love everyone and be a good person or that all roads lead to the same place. Unfortunately, if I were to do so I would have to completely discount where my faith is rooted. My entire belief system is based on the death and resurrection of Jesus, the Christ and the fact that He took on the sins of humanity so that we could spend eternity in the presence of God. Professing that another way works just as well, makes his self sacrifice unnecessary and leaves his words empty.

Every so often, I am awakened from my life of luxury and comfort by the rude truth above. Oh, how I wish I could just say, “Just be a good person and that is good enough,” but my mind and my faith tell me that just doesn’t work. I think there have been thousands upon thousands of unfortunate proclamations, actions, and judgments by the church over the last couple of millennia that have lead us to the pluralist place where we are today in western civilization. I can only hope that the overarching idea of acceptance in a pluralist society can teach those who follow Christ something greater about grace and that truth will abound from that.

Jeremy Bacher is a 26 year old perpetual student who has a passion for coffee, food, beer, and all things delicious and complex. While finishing up his undergrad work in political science, with a focus on political philosophy at the University of Illinois – Springfield he is pursuing management in a corporate coffee setting while enjoying the intricacies of marriage and life. @chewbacher


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