Why I Am Post-Evangelical–The Beginning, A Great Divorce

Matt Cummings is our newest contributor to HfG. Along with posting here once a month, he has his own blog at http://obnoxiousmatt.wordpress.com that you should totally check out. 

By Matt Cummings

I became a Christian when I was 15. For most people in my High School, it probably came as a shock. I had a mohawk, dyed hair, drove a hearse, and listened to old-school punk. Within this passion for resistance and rebellion, I also had an inquisitive nature to read and seek intellectual understanding of the Christian faith. I glanced my way through Josh McDowell, C.S. Lewis, R.C. Sproul, Lee Strobel, Norman Geisler, and quite a few of the other of heavy apologists of the evangelical faith. Filled with passion and mission, I dropped out of Bible College and began a four year journey on the mission field that started in YWAM Las Vegas and ended in Shanghai, China. Along this way I led cross-cultural Bible studies, toured house churches in China, and led a few people to the Lord Jesus from their wicked ways.

Seven years later, I, like many others, am left with more questions than answers. More skepticism and doubt than belief.

My questioning generation is tired of mega-churches, bad Christian music, Christian cultures, Christian clothes, Christian stickers, and pretty much anything Christian adjective. Our friends are gay, many of our born-again parents are divorced, we watched our pastors have affairs, and we saw the rise of Islamaphobia within the Christian Right.

We are disgruntled, tired, and even dare I say bored of the faith we grew up with.

And so I have been left with a choice – Do I continue to walk the path of Sola Scripture, moral absolutes, objectivity, Biblical inerrancy, Biblical authority, four spiritual laws, and the Romans Road or is there an emerging path for something new, something that still challenges us to wrestle with God but also questions the legends and myths that we grew up with memorizing in Sunday School.

The post-evangelical movement is not interested in formulating doctrine, creeds, statements of faiths, but we are interested in questions and challenges. We are not stoic or dogmatic, but transforming, evolving, a continual stage of metamorphosis.

[My] blog, is mostly about my forms and my thoughts of trying to wrestle with God and make sense of the world.

I foresee several essays coming ranging from my thoughts on Christian-Universalism towards my steps in becoming a gay-affirming Christian. Most of all, I believe it is time for a change. As Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door and abolished the power of Catholicism over him and his sect, our movement too is taking a hammer and writing our criticisms, voicing our concerns, and saying goodbye to objectivity, certainty, inerrancy, and Biblical authority. However, unlike Luther, I am not ready to divorce myself from the previous system, but enter into dialogue and ask questions as we shift together towards a new synthesis of thought and action in the future.

To God be the glory, welcome to the journey.

13012_10151377212536026_1312735091_nMatt Cummings is 29, the father of two children, married, has an undergraduate degree in Urban and Biblical studies, is working toward his Masters in Urban Studies and Community Development, he works in Higher Ed in Residence Life, and he is political, thoughtful, and theistic. The end.@obnoxiousmatt Finding Meaning 


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