A Visio Contemplation


Find a position you can be comfortable in. Press your back into your chair. Take a few deep breaths. Slowly inhale through your nose and feel your chest rise as your lungs fill with air. Now exhale, completely. Do this two or three more times. Tell your muscles to relax. Start with your feet, and take inventory of your muscles as you move up, all the way to your face. Loosen up. Unclench.

Begin taking another deep breath. Click on the image above, then close your eyes. When you reopen them, allow the picture to wash over you. Let your eyes waft over the scene before you. Don’t critique or question; simply notice. Where do the lines lead you? What shape draws you in? Where do your eyes linger? Does your gaze keep returning to one place or another?

Allow yourself to feel this image. Is there a spot that lures you in, or repels you? Is there a part that speaks inspiration and encouragement to you? Or is there a spot that feels dangerous? Become aware of the place on the image that is just for you today. It could be a color. Maybe a shape or even just an idea. Stay here. Be open and present to this.

Imagine you are there. Imagine you can feel the cool fog on your skin. You can smell the moist earth and the crisp leaves.  As you reflect on your place in the image, what feelings or longings stir within you? Are you reminded of a moment of your past; or a hopeful intention for the future? Make room within your heart for whatever wants to emerge.

Now, allow yourself to start drawing connections. What does this setting say to you? What does it mean in the context of your life? What is this image and your heart inviting you to partake in? What do you feel compelled to do or be today?

If you have an answer to these questions, consider it a gift. Take a few moments and express your gratitude. And if no answer was made apparent, that’s okay too. Simply let go. Rest. Enjoy a few moments of stillness in this space.


If you went through these steps, I’d love to discuss what your experience was like in the comments below. Did you gain any insight? Did you find some peace? Would you be interested in more of these posts? 


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