You feel it, don’t you?

Despite hearing the same messages and singing the same songs, you feel an ever widening chasm growing between you and your tribe. You can’t put it into words; it’s almost impossible to quantify… But beneath the smiles and warm greetings you feel an otherness. Each day that passes leaves you increasingly aware that you’re not like them. You wish you were. You want to believe like they believe. You want to close your eyes and raise your hands, you want to simply accept all the things they say are true, and yet… Feeling so different has gradually pushed you further and further from the warm center of the village. You find yourself spending more time at the fringes, where the tall grass and dark canopy conceal untold dangers.

Back when you were just like everyone else, you used to hear stories about what lay beyond the village. Darkness and cruelty and poison. Who would want to go out there? Better to stay here and simply welcome any poor soul that enters your village looking for refuge. And yet…

You hear it, don’t you?

Now that you’re further away from the noise and the clamor, you’ve begun to hear something. It’s light and quiet; it floats on the breeze itself. When you’re at your most still, when you’ve managed to silence your mind and tune out the noisy village and the call of the jungle, you can almost understand it.

A whisper. Calling your name. It’s asking you to brave the wilds of the jungle. It’s asking you to risk everything and follow it into uncharted territory.

HfG was created by and for those that have heeded the Call. We’ve left our cozy old beliefs behind in the hope of discovering something Else. Something authentic.

Our goal is simple: We want to discover God wherever he may be hiding. We will look under every rock; we will look in every bush. We share our stories and our journeys so that we may learn from one another as we go Hunting for God.


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