Paul Paul Allen is the editor of Hunting for God. After growing up in an Assemblies of God church, he attended Johnson Bible College for two years before dropping out. In the time since, he has more or less figured out the whole “adulthood” thing, gotten married, and holds a steady job by day and writes movie scripts by night. He currently resides in Knoxville, Tennessee with his wife Leah. HfG on FB
Leah This is Leah Clouse. She tries on new ideas and experiences like others try on outfits. She’s a painter, a nanny, and a baker. Less notably, she’s a doubter, a worrier, and a wanderer. Wife to Paul and mother hen to the Clousey animal brood Ego, Karma and Cornelius.
Jeremy Bacher is a 26 year old perpetual student who has a passion for coffee, food, beer, and all things delicious and complex. While finishing up his undergrad work in political science, with a focus on political philosophy at the University of Illinois – Springfield he is pursuing management in a corporate coffee setting while enjoying the intricacies of marriage and life. @chewbacher
IMAG0249-1 Shaina Bolin is an art student at UT and is a single mother to two children. Shaina is learning what it means to hunt for God amidst writing papers, attending classes, checking elementary school homework, and changing diapers.
13012_10151377212536026_1312735091_n Matt Cummings is 29, the father of two children, married, has an undergraduate degree in Urban and Biblical studies. Matt is working toward his Masters in Urban Studies and Community Development. He works in Higher Ed in Residence Life. He is political, thoughtful, and theistic. The end. @obnoxiousmatt Finding Meaning
holly Holly Crawford is a college graduate turned server. Still trying to find her way, she’s doing her best to embrace the beauty, joy, humor, and lessons that come disguised as everyday life. Currently doing this surrounded by family and friends in her hometown in Indiana. Makeshift Wonder
Untitled-1 This could be you. The hunt for God is bigger than just one person and we want HfG to reflect that. We’re not looking for experts or theologians. We’re looking for those who are willing to be open and honest about their struggle with Faith. If you feel you have something to say about searching for God, finding him in strange places, or what you’ve learned when you met, we’d love to hear your story. HfG is always looking for contributors who are willing to authentically discuss their own journey. If you’d like to write a guest post or are interested in contributing content on a monthly basis, check out our “Join the Hunt” page for details.

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